Internal Frame Coating destroys rust hiding inside the chassis, so it doesn’t rust its way through



Leave every inch of a classic vehicle rust-free with Eastwood Internal Frame Coating that takes on the toughest challenges. During your restoration, you have almost certainly have applied a car undercoating to stop water and moisture from rusting the underside. However, there’s often rust hiding inside the frame that can ruin the vehicle’s structural integrity. Use our Internal Frame Coating spray to make your chassis rust-free throughout!


This special aerosol spray is both a rust prevention and rust destroyer formula rolled into one. The conical nozzle reaches directly into the frame and sprays in a wide pattern radial pattern to fully cover the surface while reaching deep into the sub-frame. Phenolic resin encapsulates the rust hiding inside the chassis so it doesn't rust its way through and destroy the frame from the inside out. Once this is completed, zinc phosphate seals the frame against additional rust. The entire process is complete within 24 hours so you can confidently continue with the restoration. Watch our Internal Frame Coating video to see exactly how to use our hidden rust cure.


Old frames on vintage or muscle cars are hard to come by, and once you find one, you need to everything you can to save it. Our frame anti-rust coating spray an affordable way to preserve a chassis so you don't need to search out or fabricate a new one. This spray is available in a black or green finish to stop rust during auto frame restoration before it can reveal itself to the world. Note that three cans will be need for a full frame or truck frame. Learn more about how to use Internal Frame Coating by reading below or contacting the Eastwood experts. We’re here to help you Do the Job Right on every automotive project.


  • Tough phenolic resin penetrates and encapsulates the rust on the internal surface
  • Zinc phosphate seals it to prevent future corrosion
  • 24" long tube with conical nozzle reaches in to spray coating in a radial pattern for complete coverage
  • Aerosol covers 10 sq. ft
  • Fully cures in 24 hours


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