The perfect lacquer for a correct,
OEM-matching finish under the hood

Eastwood UNDERHOOD BLACK® Semi Gloss Aerosol 11 Oz 10024z

SKU : RS-10022z
  • Eastwood UNDERHOOD BLACK® is the perfect lacquer paint for the correct OEM-matching finish under the hood...choose semi-gloss or matte.

    • Restores OEM Low Gloss Finish
    • Protects From Rust and Corrosion
    • Fast Drying Formula
    • Perfect for Firewalls and Inner Fenders
    • 15%-19% Gloss Level

    UNDERHOOD BLACK® Semi-Gloss is just the right 15-19 percent semi-gloss finish for most radiator supports, inner fender walls, underhood brackets, and other under hood parts. The Matte formula duplicates the near-zero gloss finish you find in many older cars for those parts. Both formulas resist chipping, scratches and light impacts.11-oz. aerosol can covers 6 square feet; 1-quart can covers 48 square feet.