Space saving bench top parts washer tackles most jobs.

  • Compact to fit in small shops
  • Big enough for most jobs
  • Pump with flexible spigot make cleaning easy
  • Requires as little as 1 ½ gallons
  • Overall Dimensions: L 15.5” x W 11.5” x D 8.5”
  • Depth: 8.5" max with tray removed, tray installed 3.5"

Getting the old parts clean is one of the first jobs on most projects, and one of the most important. Whether you are rebuilding an engine, cleaning a carburetor, or refurbishing suspension components, there is no better way to scrub off years of grease and gunk. This washer fits in shops where space is a premium, yet it’s still big enough for most parts. Just add 3 ½ gallons of your favorite water based cleaning agent, plug it into an electrical outlet and make short work of grease and grime. Heavy duty construction with a steel lid and built in short circuit protection. The pump features a spigot that can be adjusted to an almost infinite variety of positions. Measuring about 18 inches x 15 inches, it can easily be moved about, even when full of fluid.


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