Speedtech Pro Mod Fuel System
Plumbing Directions:
In order for this system to function properly, you must use an Aeromotive A2000 fuel pump (part # 310000).  Plug the bypass and run the fuel pump at factory settings, as the bypass does nothing in this system.  Run a #10 line from the fuel pump to the bulkhead fitting on the manifold, which has a line running to the back of the fuel rail. Run a #10 line from the bottom of the fuel regulator, back to the top of the fuel cell, and a #4 return from the bleed block, back to the top of the fuel cell. Flowing the system:  
Use our Pro Series Flow Tool Kit (part # 090-001) and the conversion kit (part # 090-000).  
Directions: 1. Remove the #6 line from the back passenger side carburetor, and dead head the gauge on it. 2. Remove the #6 line from the front driver side carb and connect the line, which is supplied in the kit, to it, and put the #6 AN plug with the .228” orifice in the end of the line, and flow back into the fuel cell. 3. Turn the fuel pump on and set the fuel regulator to the desired pressure setting.  We recommend setting the fuel pressure at 5.5 lbs. 4. Reconnect all fuel lines, and then turn on the fuel pump, to check for leaks. Note:  There are a lot of variances with the RacePak readings, and this is normal, but for the most part, the RacePak should read 6.5 lbs on the starting line.  Then, as each system of nitrous comes on during the run, it should read 5.5 lbs at the finish line.
If your engine tune up is too rich or too lean, changing this flow rate will not be enough to lean/fatten the engine out.  You must make a jet change in either one of the nitrous systems, or in the carburetors.  If a drastic change is needed, you will need to adjust the carburetor jets, because this will have a larger effect on the engine.


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